Thousands of years ago, Egyptian and Chinese health practitioners extolled the benefits of the humble honey bee’s diligent work - making honey, royal jelly, propolis, and gathering pollen. These benefits continue to nourish and heal humankind today.

Honeys were used in ancient times for offerings to gods, and reserved for the wealthy because of its high cost. It was used on wounds to promote healing, as well as made into mead, one the world’s oldest fermented beverages. 

Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes and protein. It comes from the pollen that collects on the bodies of bees. Bee pollen may also include bee saliva.

Bee pollen (aka bee bread) is reported to reduce cholesterol, hinder seasonal allergies, build endurance, stamina and energy, improve the immune system, and aid in weight management, in part because bee pollen contains lecithin, which helps reduce body fat storage.

Bee pollen is easily and gently absorbed into the body, allowing the system to start utilizing all the nutritive and healing benefits almost immediately.


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