Celtic sea salt comes from the northwest coast of France, where it is harvested after seawater evaporates from clay ponds built near the shoreline. Live minerals and trace elements provide natural gray Celtic sea salt with its less salty flavor and health benefits, such as enhanced digestion, resistance to infections and bad bacteria, and increased alkaline levels. 

Celtic sea salt is "naturally air and sun-dried" and collected by hand with wooden tools to preserve its "living enzymes," according to Health Freedom Resources. Unlike table salt, which in processing is stripped of all minerals and trace elements except sodium and chloride, Celtic sea salt contains between 80 and 90 live elements found in sea water--and no chemicals or preservatives are added. Among the minerals and trace elements in Celtic sea salt are calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and iodine.

Celtic sea salt assists the healing process during illness, burn and post-surgery situations by providing potent minerals directly to the body's cells. It also helps heal adrenal and thyroid disorders, headaches, skin diseases, high cholesterol levels, immune system problems, catarrh and congestion of the sinuses. A natural antihistamine, it relieves allergies. Celtic sea salt also may have a role in the treatment of cancer. According to CureZone, "In the theory of acid and alkaline balance, chronic disease such as cancer is caused by the acidification of the blood, lymph and all cellular tissues. Real sea salt is one of the basic elements necessary to correct this problem."


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